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Even if you’ve never built anything before, you absolutely can build your own chicken coop! Not only will it cost you about half the price of buying one new, but

Chickens start to lay eggs around 18 to 20 weeks, or around 5 to 6 months old, depending on the breed and if they have ideal laying conditions. You will

What is the Point of a Chicken Tractor? The chicken tractor is a simple chicken coop on wheels that can be easily moved, giving chickens constant access to fresh food


Jersey Giant Chicken Quick Facts Known for: among the heaviest of all chicken breeds, calm demeanor even in roosters, and a good dual-purpose meat and egg chicken Temperament: a docile,

Sapphire Gem Chicken Quick Facts Known for: greyish/blue and lavender-colored chickens that are excellent layers of big brown eggs, and can be easily sexed at birth  Temperament: hardy, vibrant, fast-growing,

Wyandotte Chicken Quick Facts Known for: one of the most beautiful breeds of chicken with unique lacing in its feathers, they are good dual-purpose birds that are excellent for families

Ameraucana Chicken Quick Facts Known for: their beautiful light blue eggs, winter hardiness, hawk-like appearance, and good predator evasion Temperament: friendly, docile, calm, not very cuddly, flighty, good forager Eggs:

Plymouth Rock Chickens (also known as Barred Rock) Quick Facts Known for: the all-time favorite dual-purpose breed of chicken in America, reliable and prolific egg-layer, even through winter, and makes

Introduction Some black chickens have black feathers, others have black skin and beaks, and some special breeds have black bones, skin, muscles, and even a black heart. In Asia, black

Brahma Chicken Quick Facts Known for: the gentle giant, dual-purpose meat/egg layer, and good for families and beginners  Temperament: friendly, docile, handles confinement well Eggs: 150 large light brown eggs

Polish Chicken Quick Facts Known for: puffy feather crest on top of their heads, and a very cuddly but anxious and timid personality, entertaining to watch  Temperament: anxious and loving,

Silkie Chicken Quick Facts Known for: puffy hair-like feathers, being excellent mothers, and very friendly personalities Temperament: very friendly  Eggs: 100 small cream-colored eggs each year Meat: poor—reaches maturity at

Rhode Island Red Quick Facts Known for: high egg production Temperament: very friendly  Eggs: 200-300 large light brown eggs each year Meat: good meat production—reaches maturity at 19 weeks with


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