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Hello, we're the Christians

We’ve been homesteaders since 2011. With two daughters adopted from foster care who had a difficult start in life, we began to see the emotional health benefits of spending more time outside and eating well. We’ve made a LOT of mistakes along the way, and started Homestead Sweet Home for others who are looking to eat better and grow their own food. After watching grocery store shelves go bare for the first time in our lives, we believe it’s more important than ever to eat farm fresh, live slow, and make the backyard our new supply chain.  

The Christian Family

Meet the Farmers

Head Farmer Josh is an IT professional and the master mechanic of all things that break on the homestead, which happens often.

Ashley is a marking consultant, farm photographer, and mother hen to five not-so-little people. 

In the brood we have a professional welder, mechanical engineering student, a future doctor, and the twins are our resident plant/animal whisperer and assistant chef extraordinaire. 



Onions in greenhouse

Featured Writing

Ashley’s marketing clients include children’s clothing brand Bailey’s Blossoms, published author and owner of The Grace Filled Homestead—Lana Stenner, Professional Counselor Mendy Shriver of Gospel Centered Health, and Forbes Senior Writer  Christine Michel Carter. Her work has been featured on Her View From Home, She Owns It, Clean Plates, Thrive Global, and more. 

Clean Plates
She Owns It
Christine Michel Carter
Thrive Global
Gospel Centered Health

Local Farm-to-Table

We believe anyone can raise and grow their own farm-to-table food even in their own backyard. It doesn't have to be complicated or take over your life. Most people start with raising chickens and growing a container garden and then expand from there. Knowing you can feed your family brings incredible peace and greater health as we eat closer to how our bodies and our food were designed to.

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